As mentioned previously, patients with Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome commonly have trouble sleeping at night even though they can be very tired and sleepy during the day. The fatigue noted during the day makes the insomnia related to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome all the more disturbing.

Narcolepsy is the tendency some people have for falling asleep at inappropriate times, whether they like it or not. Several patients that I have seen have gotten into fender-benders because of falling asleep at the wheel. One patient burned her hand when she awakened to find the food she was cooking on the stove had started a fire. In one interesting case, the patient actually fell asleep while she was walking for exercise. As odd as it sounds, she had actually awakened to find herself having taken a couple of steps and veering off her path. She sat down, resting her chest on her legs, and slept for ten or twelve minutes before completing her walk. Such complaints can respond quickly and dramatically to proper thyroid hormone treatment, restoring normal sleep-wake cycles, helping people to sleep at night soundly and to awaken rested so they can face the day without fatigue.