Thyroid gland function is well known to be one of the first things checked in a patient with a history of infertility. Unfortunately, normal thyroid gland function does not always correlate with normal thyroid system function. If DTSF can be present even when thyroid blood tests are normal (and it can), then it is easy to understand how infertility can be aggravated by Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. One unfortunate patient had finally been able to conceive for the first time, after years of trying, when she was started on thyroid hormone supplementation. Sadly, she miscarried shortly after she switched doctors, and her new OB/GYN doctor discontinued her thyroid medication because he felt that it was not necessary based on her blood tests. Of course, her miscarriage may have had nothing to do with stopping the thyroid medication, but the patient understandably suspected such. With proper thyroid hormone supplementation her symptoms of DTSF once again resolved and she was able to conceive again. This time her thyroid hormone supplementation was maintained throughout her pregnancy and, of course, she was delighted when she gave birth to her first baby.