Some patients may also notice that they develop an incompatibility with certain foods such as wheat, milk and dairy products. They may find that they can no longer eat certain foods without diarrhea, gas bloating, or indigestion. One such patient had a long-standing history of lactose intolerance that was managed fairly well with certain enzyme supplements (to digest the lactose) in her diet. With proper thyroid therapy, her intolerance to lactose and dairy products resolved in conjunction with resolution of her other Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome symptoms. Apparently, the elevation in her body temperature pattern caused the return of the enzymatic function that had been impaired and was preventing her from digesting lactose. Many patients have found that with normalization of their body temperature patterns they can once again eat, without difficulty, foods that used to cause them diarrhea, gas, bloating, or indigestion. It is noteworthy that food intolerances have sometimes been thought of in terms of allergies and it has been seen that allergies can sometime be related to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.