Adrenal Px LoBP Capsules
Supports the Adrenal Glands

*Adrenal Px LoBP provides herbal support for adrenal function and helps maintain blood pressure already within a healthy normal range. This formula is designed to reduce occasional exhaustion and fatigue, increase resistance to occasional stress, and maintain a healthy immune response.

Adrenal Px LoBP Capsules are equivalent to the solid extract but with a high concentration of glycyrrhizic acid from Licorice. Licorice helps maintain cortisol levels, and aldosterone levels, and provides liver support. Each two capsule serving contain 144mg of glycyrrhizic acid. The additional adaptogenic herbal extracts of Holy Basil and Rhodeola offer an enhanced calming effect on the nervous system along with providing adrenal support.

This Product has Supporting Research: Siberian Ginseng, Licorice Root

Serving Size: 2 Vegi-Capsules
Ingredients per serving:
[O=Certified Organic, W=Ecologically Wildcrafted]

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract 4:1 700 mg
Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus) extract 50:1 [O]

100 mg

Sarsaparilla root (Smilax officinalis) extract 4:1 [W] 100 mg
Holy Basil leaf (Ocimum sanctum) extract 12:1 [O] 100 mg
Rhodeola root (Rhodeola rosea) extract 4:1 [O] 100 mg
Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract 100:1 (standardized to 98% Glycerhizic Acid)   60 mg
Hawthorn berry (Crataegus oxyacantha) extract 12:1 [O] 50 mg
Rose hip (Rosae canina) extract 4:1 50 mg

Alfalfa herb (Medicago sativa) extract 4:1

50 mg


Each 2 capsules are extracted from 76,400 mg of herbs.

Suggested Use:
1 to 2 capsules twice daily, or as directed by your health care practitioner

Caution: Do not use these products if you have elevated blood pressure. These products can increase blood pressure. Discontinue use if rapid heart rate or elevated blood pressure occurs. Monitor blood pressure regularly on these products.

Research indicates that glycyrrhizic acid 150 mg a day can increase blood pressure levels.

Adrenal Px LoBP
75 Vegi-Caps

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Primary concerns relevant to this product*

Adrenal Function

Exhaustion and Fatigue
Immune Support
Healthy Low/Normal Blood Pressure
Managing effects of WTS protocol