The Doctor's Manual:

Doctor's Manual for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

Price: $31.95

There is also a web version of this Doctor's Manual that you can read right now for free.

We recommend that both doctors and patients read the Doctor's Manual. By reading the Manual carefully they can obtain:

  • better results
  • in less time
  • with fewer side effects
  • with more peace of mind and confidence
  • and often at much less expense.

Just imagine the time, expense, and effort of a month's worth of treatment, only to find out that it wasn't done correctly and must be done over differently to have a better chance of working. How frustrating.

By reading the Doctor's Manual doctors will probably know more about the successful treatment of WTS overnight than they would by treating it for two years without reading the Manual. Most doctors who are treating WTS heard about it from their patients, and then the doctors read the Doctor's Manual. It makes total sense, it's fully illustrated, and is fun and easy to read. Some people would be able to read it in one sitting.

Some doctors who have not closely read the Doctor's Manual might recommend a version of the treatment protocol that doesn't make physiological sense.

Many doctors are willing to help patients get better. But patients often have more time and incentive to read something new that may help correct their problems. As caring as doctors can be it's easy to see that there may not be a doctor or pharmacist that cares about you and your loved ones as much as you do. Many patients have helped themselves, by helping their doctors, by pointing out something in the Doctor's Manual that had a bearing on their own treatment. Patients have saved themselves a lot of time and money and frustration by thoroughly understanding the treatment and helping their doctors with it.

In fact, the Manual is so helpful for easily understanding and doing the treatment correctly that some doctors won't even treat patients who haven't read the Doctor's Manual.

A Comment from Customer Service

Over the past few years of answering emails and talking with patients and doctors, it appears to me that those who closely follow the protocol in the Doctor's Manual enjoy much more success with the treatment than those who don't.
--Jean Woodward, WTS Customer Service

Patients are able to easily understand the Manual. It presents 8 case studies as examples, as well as easy to follow treatment flowcharts. With the Manual, patients will have 24 hour a day x 7 days a week access to comforting and reassuring answers and information (now those are convenient office hours).

A Patient Comment
The Most important advice I can give to anyone out there is, you MUST READ the manual and follow it to the LETTER. I screwed up on my first cycle with times, and my temp went up and down and I was miserable, so I decided that on the second cycle I was going to do it right. So I did, and low and behold, it worked. Within 3 days my temp was captured and I stayed on the dosage from April thru the middle of Aug. All my symptoms slowly disappeared by the 2nd and 3rd week.. I even lost weight (now have lost 25 pounds) since Aug and I am not really trying. My body is just working properly now. YIPPIE. When I went to see my doctor in late Sept I had weaned off medicine and hadn't seen her much during the summer she had been on vacation . She was amazed when she walked in and saw me. She couldn't believe the person sitting there. She said my skin color was glowing and peachy, and my eyes sparkled and I had shorts and a T-shirt on. No sweats and wasn't freezing when it was 85 outside. She is now treating several of her other patients, and she is a true believer in the T3 treatment. --Nikki

When you buy a Doctor's Manual or Combined Info Kit for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, you can buy a second (Tag-along) Manual for 1/2 price (which will make it easier for you and your doctor to have a copy).

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